Yoga & Freediving Retreat Bali 1-8 March 2019

Join the Next Freediving Yoga Retreat with myself and Gabrielle Gq. from Yoga Shak Montreal!  Blue Chitta Gab GQ

”Trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float” – Alan Watts

The Freediver Course

Learn how to explore the ocean on a single breath. Did you know that we are naturally aquatic beings ? Like other sea mammals, when we dive underwater our bodies change through a series of reflexes and adaptations allowing us to stay underwater longer and more comfortably. In the freediving course you will learn various breathing exercises that will enable you to prepare mentally and physically before and after you dive, you will learn all the safety and rescue procedures and explore the physiology of the breath-hold. After completing the course you will be an Apnea Total Certified Freediver, and have all the tools to dive safely to up to 21 meters

Fun FreeDives – After completing the course we will take you to our favorite freediving spots including the famous Liberty Wreck, which is full of life, tropical fishes, colorful coral and swim thoughts ! 

Do I have to take the freediving course? We highly recommend that all participants take the full freediving journey with us but we also offer the option to take only the first day of the freediving course (Intro to Freediving). So if you feel like you want to be part of this but not convinced that freediving is for you (yet), you can choose to focus on the yoga, pranayama and meditation side of this retreat. 

If you already are a certified freediver you can join us for training or you can choose to continue to the advanced course or Take some Coaching with Natalie to improve on your EQ and Relaxation and explore deeper!

The Yoga Practice

We will practice Yoga Daily, and it will be an added enhancement to the freediving. You will practice not just regular Asana, but deep Pranayama, meditation and even delve into Lung stretching and yoga specific to freediving.  Morning and evening we will bounce between Yin and Yang Practices, some practices will be more cooling, while others are to make us stronger and to release energetic and physical tensions.  You can be sure that we will use our time together to evolve in the practice always growing and expanding from one day to the next.  Everything in the practice is optional to do, and of course attendance is optional too.  If you would like to take one or two sessions to relax and just lay by the pool, we encourage you to listen to your inner wisdom and make the most of the retreat time in a way that’s beneficial to you.


This is a rough schedule to give you an idea of the actual schedule on offer



Arrive – Welcoming Ceremony, Yoga, Breath Work and Welcome Dinner

0700 to 0800 Yoga Practice

0800am to 0900am Breakfast
0900 to 11am Theory
1130 to 1330pm – 1st WATER SESSION
1400  Lunch
1430 to 1530 Rest
1600 to1700 Freediving talk and feedback
1730 to 1900 Yoga Practice
1930 dinner time
3rd 7 to 8am Yoga Practice
830 to 930 am – Breakfast
10 to 12am Day 2 Freediving
1pm Lunch
1500 to 1700pm Theory talk for freediving Day 3 or for Static Apnea
1730 to 1900 Yoga Practice
1930 dinner time
4th 0700 to 0800 Yoga Practice
830am to 930 am Breakfast

10 to 12pm Freediving or Static Apnea

1230 to 1400 Lunch
1430 to 1530 Freediving Theory talk
1730 to 1900 YOGA
5th 0700 to 0800 Yoga and Meditation
8 to 930 Breakfast
10 to 12 Diving
1330pm to 1430pm LUNCH
1700 to 1900 Yoga then Gong sound Healing
6th  0700 to 0800 yoga and mediation
8 to 930 pm Breakfast
10 to 1230pm Freediving on the Wreck
1300 to 1400 Lunch
Freediving on the local reef from Balila
1700 to 1830 Yoga
1900 Dinner
7th Nyepi Balinese New Years, silent day, no Talking and Fasting if possible, although fruit and simple foods are provided.  Self Practice in the Shala is Possible
8th Final Day Morning Guided Meditation and Yoga


and checkout by 1pm


Early Bird until August 25th 2018                                                                                          1150USD per Person for Shared Double Room; 1150 for a Simple Single Room (shared bathroom)                                                                                                                                                 1300USD for a Private Double Room

Regular Price after August 25th 2018                                                                                                  1350USD per person for a shared Room; 1350USD for a simple single Room (shared bathroom)                                                                                                                                                  1500USD for a Private Double Room

Price Includes:
Accommodation in Stunning Beach Resort
3 Delicious Healthy Vegan or non Vegan Meals a Day
Freediving L1 or L2 Course or Special Coaching
Static Apnea Course
All Equipment
2 x Freediving Trips to nearby Wrecks and diving locations
2 x Yoga Classes a day
Gong Sound Healing
Special Traditional Ceremony with Balinese Priests

Price Does Not Include:
Getting to the Resort from your location of airport or other resort (taxi can be arranged for you for an additional competent rate – around $60)

About the Teachers

 Gabrielle Gq Profile

Natalie Profile

About The Resort

Set near to the foot of the mighty Mount Agung, Balila beach resort will melt your heart and awaken your senses. There is ocean, mountain, and the most special thing about our wonderful setting is that it is off the beaten track.
I first visited Balila when visiting nearby Amed for a few months, where I emerged myself into the experience of freediving. A friend introduced me by the seductive lure and temptation of ‘Moringa Soup’. Many many Moringa Soups, (read crunchy tempe, raw nut Chocolates and chocolate cake) later and this is still my favorite place to visit in Bali. There is magic to every aspect of Balila, to one side is the Mountain, to the other the ocean, I feel protected yet free. The ladies in the Kitchen made me feel so welcome from the first moment I arrived and when I return it feels like I’m returning to my extended family, pouring love into their delicious dishes that emerge from the kitchen, love in their eyes, I am immediately welcomed and feel at ease. Birgit the owner has become like a dear friend to me, and the one big family vibe or the place seems to draw me in and welcome me with an open heart.
I knew that this was the perfect home to host a yoga retreat, and knowing that Birgit had the vision for Retreats at Balila it was a given, and I hosted the first retreat in September 2016.

A Balila Yoga retreat is not just about the time you spend on the mat, although you will gain an extremely valuable experience in the yoga classes. However, the retreat experience begins the moment you arrive, the home space you are welcomed into, the tranquil yet open space, the open night sky with unburdening lights revealing 1000 bright stars. It’s about connecting reconnecting to yourself. I share my passion of yoga, of the ocean and of fresh, organic and delicious food. Everything merges and the retreat experience is a chance to reconnect to yourself through movement, stillness, water, breath, ocean, it is all one, and in one is balance.

Double Rooms with Ocean View Terrace
Single Chakra rooms