We are Experienced and Professional Freediving Instructors working and Travelling around the Caribbean, tell us where you would like to meet and lets get you safe and confident in the water.

Whether you are looking to start or looking to take your diving to the next level to compete or to teach, we are here each step of the way, supporting your journey with enthusiasm, understanding and a great depth of knowledge.

Level 1

Let’s get Started, you will learn what freediving is, what happens to our body when we dive, how we can utilize our breath and air efficiently. We will take you to the water and be with you for every moment of your dives, helping you to gain confidence in your abilities as an aquatic being! Because we are all Aquatic beings, remember your first 9 months of your life in your mother’s womb!

Level 2

Let us soar into new Territory of freediving! you are familiar with the set up by now, so in this course we will help you to become even more confident, relaxed and comfortable as a diver. We go deeper into the physiology of diving and experience new and more exciting sensations in the body. Again we are here with you every stroke of the way


So you want to go Deeper! Lets do it safely and comfortably. Whether you want to compete, teach or just be even more confident in the water, we have the knowledge and power to take you there. Option to sign up for our 4 week Master Program or just come out for a few coaching sessions which will give you the confidence to train with other pros and get seriously comfortable and confident as a Freediver!


Apnea Total

Come and Dive with Us!

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