Freediving Yoga Waterfall Retreat

10 – 16 APRIL 2020

Freediver Level 1 or 2 Course on our Family Sailing Catamaran around the Beautiful Nature Island, Dominica. 3 nights aboard and then 3 nights onland exploring Jungle, waterfalls and hot springs. Join for One or All. Pricing Ranges from US$1000, to $1500 Depending on whether taking Single Double or Shared Accommodation.

A Home on the Ocean SV Nomad
Spend 3 nights onboard with us to Learn and practice freediving

Sailing & Freediving

3 Nights and a 2 Day Freediving Course, we will get you from 0m to 12/20m (30 Feet) in Just 2 days! Safely and with the Best standards available with the Molchanov Freediving Course. Liveaboard with us for 3 nights and enjoy Open Ocean, delicious Home cooked Meals, rocking gently to sleep and waking up and jumping in the Sea!

Jungle Paradise Onland
A beautiful Cottage in Nature with Swimming Pool and close to our Hiking trails


After living aboard for 3 nights, we will depart to the land of Dominica. Here we are staying in a beautiful Nature set Cottage close to a Gorgeous Walking trail to Waterfalls. We will still get to practice some freediving skills as we practice ‘Static Apnea’ in the Pool. We also visit Hotsprings to rest and rejuvenate in Hotsprings that fall into a fresh water Waterfall.

One of a few Beautiful Waterfalls we will have the opportunity to visit


Dominica is known as the ‘Nature Island’ so no trip here would be complete without visiting the beautiful Jungle encapsulated Waterfalls and many hiking trails to these beautiful Natural wanders. Close to the cottage is the 40 minute Hiking trail to Gorgeous Middleham Falls.

Don’t Miss out on this Fun Adventure Packed but healing and restorative Retreat with Record Breaking freediver and Yoga Teacher Natalie and World Championships Safety Diver Marc

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