Yin Yoga and Freediving Retreat Bali

Yin Yoga and Freediving Retreat is done and Dusted, Here I will add some photos of the underwater adventures we had.  Check below for the retreat rough itinerary for the next retreat due to be held in 2019, and get in touch soon for a place!


This Retreat will be happening again soon! Watch this space for future dates

6 Nights, 7 days
7 days, and 6 Nights to explore Yin and Yang components of your practice, to learn exactly What Yin Yoga is, how it works, Practice it, feel it, and be able to continue that practice alone or sharing with others.
Located in the North East end of Bali, Balila is the perfect location to relax unwind and explore your practice.
The group will be small (no more than 10 people) and resort space is dedicated to only the retreat at the time. I know that you will fall in love with Balila, it’s food, it’s wonderful welcoming and beautiful staff.


Day 1
12 to 3 pm Check In
1600 to 1730pm Yoga Practice with Kundalini breath work then Yin
1900 Welcome Dinner

Day 2

0700 to 0730 Meditation and Pranayama
0730 to 0830 Yoga Practice, Yin to Hatha Flow
0900 to 1000am Breakfast time
1030 to 1130 Yin Theory Talk
1130 to 1230 Freediving theory talk
1300pm Lunch
1500 to 1700 Visualizing, breath work and increased awareness
1730 to 1900 Yin Practice
1930 Dinner

Day 3

0700 to 0730 Meditation and Pranayama
0730 to 0830 Yoga Practice, Kundalini Breath work and yin
0900 to 1000am Breakfast time
1030 to 1230 Beach, Snorkel, swim or Float in the Ocean we explore together
1300pm Lunch
1500 to 1700 Yoga Nidra – Yogic Sleep talking to the Subconscious Mind
1730 to 1900 Hatha/Yin/Pranayama Practice
1930 Dinner

Day 4

0700 to 0730 Meditation and Pranayama
0730 to 0830 Hatha Yoga
0900 to 1000am Breakfast time
1030 to 1230 Ocean outing day, SUP or swim in Amed Bay
1300pm Lunch
1500 to 1700 Visualising and Manifesting dreams workshop with Yoga Nidra
1730 to 1900 Yin Yoga Practice
1930 Dinner
Enjoy the nights under the stars, read and journal, Balila is perfect for taking time out

Day 5 Silent Day New Moon, time to draw Energy Within

0700 to 0730 Meditation and Pranayama
0730 to 0830 Yoga Practice, Yin to Hatha Flow
0900 to 1000am Breakfast time
1030 to 1230 Creative time
1300pm Lunch
1500 to 1700 Beach and Read, Swim and float be free
1730 to 1900 Yin Practice
1930 Dinner

Day 6

0700 to 0730 Meditation and Pranayama
0730 to 0830 Yoga Practice, Yin to Hatha Flow
0900 to 1000am Breakfast time
1030 to 1230 Silent Day, Snorkelling/diving on the reef
1300pm Lunch
1500 to 1700 Pool, beach, relax read, or practice more static apnea
1730 to 1900 Apnea Breathing/Lung stretch exercises in the yoga practice
1900 Dinner
Day 7
0700 to 0730 Meditation and Pranayama
0730 to 0830 Yoga Practice
0900 Breakfast
1030 Closing
1130 to 1200pm Check Out

The Yoga retreat of lightness, freedom, release. Learn to let go on your yoga mat, be free in movement and in Breath, and then we start to practice this in the water. Learning some basic freediving techniques, or more advanced if you are already freediving. Yin Yoga also seeks out forgotten issues, it get’s really deep into your tissues like no other physical practice you have experienced before.
The price for the retreat is extremely valuable as I want to make it available for all.
The price includes all meals, breakfast lunch and dinner and teas, juice and water throughout the day.
It does not include flights or transport to or from the retreat, however I can arrange a taxi for you from anywhere in Bali at a very reasonable rate, with possibility to share the cost with another.


Set near to the foot of the mighty Mount Agung, Balila beach resort will melt your heart and awaken your senses. There is ocean, mountain, and the most special thing about our wonderful setting is that it is off the beaten track.
I first visited Balila when visiting nearby Amed for a few months, where I emerged myself into the experience of freediving. A friend introduced me by the seductive lure and temptation of ‘Moringa Soup’. Many many Moringa Soups, (read crunchy tempe, raw nut Chocolates and chocolate cake) later and this is still my favorite place to visit in Bali. There is magic to every aspect of Balila, to one side is the Mountain, to the other the ocean, I feel protected yet free. The ladies in the Kitchen made me feel so welcome from the first moment I arrived and when I return it feels like I’m returning to my extended family, pouring love into their delcious dishes that emerge from the kitchen, love in their eyes, I am immediately welcomed and feel at ease. Birgit the owner has become like a dear friend to me, and the one big family vibe or the place seems to draw me in and welcome me with an open heart.
I knew that this was the perfect home to host a yoga retreat, and knowing that Birgit had the vision for Retreats at Balila it was a given, and I hosted the first retreat in September 2016.

A Balila Yoga retreat is not just about the time you spend on the mat, although you will gain an extremely valuable experience in the yoga classes. However, the retreat experience begins the moment you arrive, the home space you are welcomed into, the tranquil yet open space, the open night sky with unburdening lights revealing 1000 bright stars. It’s about connecting reconnecting to yourself. I share my passion of yoga, of the ocean and of fresh, organic and delicious food. Everything merges and the retreat experience is a chance to reconnect to yourself through movement, stillness, water, breath, ocean, it is all one, and in one is balance.

Sunrise and Lotus Room

What others had to say:

Roberto Berto reviewed Come One Yoga and Lifestyle – 5 star
31 July at 01:22 ·
Whilst Freedive training in Dominica in May-June this year, I was fortunate enough to have discovered this new style of Yoga to me called Yin Yoga.
Natalie explained the benefits and the differences of Yin yoga opposed to regular routines i had been doing in the past.
The Yoga sessions I shared with Natalie had tremendous results on my performances in the water- i felt more relaxed, more flexible, and more focused on the task ahead when it came to applying myself for deep dives.
during my training cycle I continued to practice the skills and postures I had learnt and was able to supersede performance expectations by increasing my previous personal bests by 14 meters. Taking me into the 90 meters in Free immersion.
I still practices the exercises and postures i had learnt in Dominica as I really think the Yin Yoga was the missing key to my success in achieving my goals.
I honestly can’t wait to attend more sessions with Natalie as she was such a positive and real person who also like to push the barriers of deep diving.
Cheers for everything!

Helen Warriner reviewed Come One Yoga and Lifestyle – 5 star
5 March ·
Amazing teacher with a very calming and encouraging voice and manner. The classes with Natalie were wonderful and I always felt fantastic afterwards!

Cheri Adkins Anop reviewed Come One Yoga – 5 star
1 November at 15:34 ·
Natalie is the best! I had not practiced yoga, except for an occasional class now and then, until I met this amazing woman! I have battled tight painful hips for years, but NO MORE! Nat came up with a routine for me which I do every morning and I feel great. No more injections, no more pain pills.
I also got to briefly try meditation with Natalie when I was on Bali last year, can’t wait to do some more.
If only I could carry a Little Nat in my pocket and have her with me every day. That would be beautiful! ❤️