Ladies! Ditch the Tampons and Get onto The OrganiCup!

The Award Winning OrganiCup

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10 Reasons Why to switch from tampons to the Menstrual OrganiCup 

  1.  Because Tampons are Toxic and can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  2. The OrganiCup is made of 100% flexible medical-grade silicone. Medical-grade silicone contains silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen atoms. It doesn’t contain any known unnecessary or hazardous chemicals.
  3. The most popular tampons on store shelves (especially fragranced ones) are composed of chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins that the EPA calls “probable human carcinogens” so stuff that is possibly unsafe for the human body.  These harmful ingredients include rayon, plastic, chlorine, procymidon, piperonyl butoxide, methylene chloride not to mention carbon disulfide.
  4. Using a menstrual cup is very hygienic, as no external factors or free oxygen reach the accumulated flow while it is inserted no bacteria is created.
  5. Vaginas are like sponges. Vaginal tissue is lined with mucous membranes and blood vessels that absorb whatever we put in there. So no surprise that if you leave a tampon in for too long, you’ll run the risk of contracting a bacteria-induced infection.
  6. Unlike pads and tampons that absorb menstrual flow, a menstrual cup collects and catch it. This means that no oxygen reaches the collected flow and it remains bacteria free. It also means that no unnecessary vaginal fluids will be absorbed. This eliminates irritation and dryness while ensuring that the natural pH balance of the vagina is kept intact.
  7. The OrganiCup can last for years with proper cleaning and care.
  8. With Tampons you have to purchase all year around, this is expensive and means more trips to the store, often in times of extreme discomfort (when menstruating and just wanting to lounge)
  9. Tampons – POLLUTION AND EXPENSIVEThink about this… like, really think about this. 70% Of all Women use Tampons. The average woman is blessed with approximately 450 periods during her lifetime. The average woman uses 20 tampons per cycle. That’s about 9,000 tampons per woman (and $1,200, but who’s counting?).
  10. OrganiCupOne purchase, less mess for the environment and less expense to us!

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