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So I’ve been dabbling with the use of CBD Oils since the beginning of last year. I know when it comes to stress and anxiety, I can be on the sensitive side to their negative affects. So while I need the healing and medicinal effects of marijuana, I am also very sensitive to the affect of THC in my system and it tends to bring back an age old habit of overthinking and paranoia, which then triggers the stress and anxiety. Not a good cycle. However, small amounts of THC are okay and is actually said to activate the CBD in Cannaboid Products.

THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the high sensation. While CBD is a naturally occurring substance in the Cannabid Sativa Plant that imparts a feeling of relaxation and calm. CBD oils come in Full Spectrum Extract (which contains small amounts of THC) and Broad Spectrum Extract (with THC completely removed).

EMPE offers holistic CBD solutions to millions of people throughout the world who are facing difficult health challenges and feel they are running out of options. A few years ago CBD products did not exist in the marketplace. Now CBD is available from Empe in all 50 states as a wellness option for those looking to supplement their Endo-cannabinoid System with cannabinoids in an effort to better balance the cells throughout your body.

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Yoga, freediving and breathing practices such as Pranayama and Breathwork have helped me immensely in times of stress and uncertainty. However sometimes it’s not practical to come directly into these practices and so I’ve been blessed with the Hemp Derived Cannabidiol Oil. A oil which is highly concentrated and is usually infused to a carrier oil such as vegetable oil including hemp oil, coconut oil or any other nut oil.

The oils come in a range of strength or concentrations. They range from 500 to 2000 mg of CBD concentration, and can be taken twice or once daily. If you are unsure which dose would be suitable for you, start mid range with 1000 mg and see if you need more or less to have the affect of relaxation.

I like to take just before bedtime and I place a few drops under the tongue and swallow after around 20 seconds. To me its a quick start to deep relaxation. Also I don’t get any of the mind “High”, it’s more of a physical rest and restoration of my body, and my mind follows suit and I tend to get a great rest. I have also taken it during the day and it does not make me sleepy, rather I feel less stressed and more ready to tackle projects and tasks of the day without feeling extra weight of anxiety that the ‘doing’ mind can tend to bring. CBD Oil has also been known to treat chronic pain and applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

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