Visualization for Freediving

An Important tool for Freediving – Visualizing

If we can communicate to the subconscious mind that it has been done, our conscious Mind will believe it.

Freediving is a sport that puts our bodies into unchartered territory, the depths of the Ocean. This can seem overwhelming and daunting to the untrained mind. How can we charter new depths, when we have never been there?

We can tell our minds that we have been there before! This is the where visualizing comes in.

Steps to Visualize for Freediving:

First get yourself into the most comfortable position Imaginable, resting on a bed, in the early morning or late afternoons is best, when the body is either coming from rest or going to rest. Focus on each stage of the dive, from arriving to recovery breath. When you are thinking of your breathup, actually do the breathup, focus on relaxing the entire body, and use each exhale as an opportunity to drop into a state of presence. When visualizing, be apart of the experience, you are experiencing the breathing, you are experiencing the water, the sensations, the pressure change. Enjoy and feel the freefall, feel the pressure. Enjoy the dive!

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