South African FreeDiving Record Broken

eli5On 31 March 2018 I Made the dive to 64 Meters and broke the South African’s woman’s record which had been held by Hanli Prinsloo for the last 8 years!   This competition was quite challenging for me.  I had only returned to Bali a month before to train, and I was still not adapted to the change in Temperature at around 30 meters down.  The mono-fin was also quite a new ‘discipline’ to me and this training period was my first I was taking it below 30 meters!  Needless to say I was very very stoked!

Competing is a little different to making record attempts.  Unlike record attempts you don’t get to choose the date or time or right conditions, if there is current for your dive then that’s just what it’s going to be.  There is a count dive to dive, and if you don’t make the dive then, there are no second chances.  The environment can feel extremely stressful for some.  For me it’s a good chance to practice detachment to the external environment and to go completely inside.


Mind Over Matter

Victory is sweetest. On the first day of the competition I failed to reach a 55 meter mark in FIM turning early at 48. It was my first yellow card in competition, this being my third competition and it wasn’t even a record attempt. I felt really disappointed in myself, but instead of loathing I chose my next move I knew it would have to be something big and because in points I would have lost already if things carried on this way, I had nothing to lose. I focused all my mind and energy onto this CWT Record Attempt goal.

This is the discipline I have been most focused on in training for the last 3 weeks as the monofin is a new skill to me and the depth not yet realized I knew it was about sheer will and determination that was going to get me there, a pb by 4 meters.
My body is adapted to depth though through RV training and Free Immersion with a pb of 62 Meters. The night before day 2, the CNF dive I was dreaming about my monofin dive, I woke 3 times during the night to recall the dive, to visualize and practice it in my mind. After the CNF on day 2 I came home and meditated and visualized over and over. I told myself you will reach that plate because you are strong enough and you have already been there!
On the morning of the dive as I drove to the site I stopped and looked to the sky I asked my friends above who believed in me, Tony, Kieron, Gran, Stephanie and even Natalia, the greatest freediver who ever lived!. “I said please be with me today!” Super nervous getting changed but as I hit the water some calm subsided. I thanked the ocean, our mammal friends
🐬, I felt unconditional love 💙 for this environment that feels more home to me than any place on ground earth 🌍. As I prepared. For the dive I said ‘I will’ ‘I can’ ‘I am’. My problem with deeper dives here has been the thermocline starting at around 40 meters deep (or around 120 feet)
But I kept my mouthfill (a special technique we use in order to be able to equalize at greater depths) I kept focus on this area in my mouth and around my chest to relax.

The air in my mouth was almost completely gone as I reached the plate, however my ears were still pressurized so I did not have to force anything. I lost most of it somewhere around 45 or 50 when the temp dropped from 30 at the surface to 24 degrees, not huge thermo but still new to me. At the bottom plate I looked and felt to one empty side and so had to move around it to grab a tag from the other side in the process I got tangled in the lanyard, immediately I pulled the Velcro strap from my wrist and unscrambled, bringing it around my back and infront again, skills I have learnt from previous entanglements, lanyard still attached to line I brought it up with me. I reached the surface and it was declared victory! �️

Thank you to my coaches and inspirations along the way. Your approaches helped me to gain confidence in what is possible and achievable Marc Anop Gletwyn Rubidge Alenka Artnik Jonathan Sunnex Sophia van Coller Julia Mouce Dominguez Joan CapdevilaRicardo Montans💙thank you for the photos amazing Elianne Dipp





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