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Sooooo Good to be back in these Beautiful Waters! Bali, Tulamben, Amed, it’s a magical place and feels like it’s where it all began for me, although I started freediving in Thailand.   On my second day of training since we arrived, I got a little excited and did a dive to 50 Meters, it felt great and I was super relaxed.  However on surfacing my chest felt a little tight and I decided that should be my last dive.  I pulled up the line and then I had that sensation in the throat of what may be a slight squeeze in the trachea.  Strange because I was so comfortable on the dive.  However after more analysis, me and my buddy figured out that I may have tensed on the turn.  My lanyard was attached to my wrist and on my freefall I was so relaxed that the lanyard hit the ball first and I was shocked out of my dreamy state with a tug from the lanyard as my body had passed the bottom weight.  Even though I was relaxed and comfortable coming up again, that shock at the bottom while under 6 Bar pressure may have caused my body to tense and turn badly to come up.  Anyways I learnt from the experience and decided to step back in depth as I still have time for the competition which will be held on 29 March 2018, in Tulamben.  I took 2 days off to be completely cautious.  If I squeezed I know it was only the trachea and this is not as serious as a lung squeeze, however I don’t want to take risks or chances when it comes to this sort of thing, because putting and open wound under pressure again may cause it to become bigger.  I took rest and returned after 2 days, keeping my depth above 30 Meters and enjoying sensations.   On my second day back, I kept my depth above 35 meters, working on Pulls to come up in FIM and doing a couple of Mono-fin dives to start getting comfortable with this discipline that is new to me.  The third day back we were disrupted by current, I laugh actually because we may as well have been doing dynamic, the line was so horizontal due to the strong flush of water.  The first 2 days after or before new moon, strong current can be expected.   My training has been going something like this:  Dive 1: Hang at 10 Meters until feeling slightly uncomfortable but not pushing myself, around 2 Minutes, Dive 2:  Hang at 20 Meters, staying relaxed and aiming to reach the 3 Minute or more mark, so far I’ve managed 3:15 as the longest in my training, “telling myself hey why push so hard” maybe not the best training mentality but I like to be a happy diver.  On my day off I went to the water palace, Tirta Gangga.  It’s only around 13 Km from Amed and has a long swimming pool in which to train.  I am kind of disappointed that my entire freediving education I did not learn how to practice in a pool.  However, this makes me yearn more knowledge and experience on the subject, I have been so focussed on depth up until now and I think that’s okay, because I played in the ocean.  Like in yoga and in life there is always more to learn.  I’m on day 2 of a new training ‘3 day cycle’ .  Today was great I had Julia coach me on the monofin, I had no real idea of when to start my freefall, how to relax into it after the kick, and a few other small things which she has now clarified and corrected.  We set the line to 40 Meters, after 2 warmups I did 3 dives to 40M, and then feeling a little tired from all the hip action, I did a 4th dive to around 33 M to really hone in the dive and timing.  The water was great, it seems the current has surrendered and I have one more day tomorrow to train, before I head to the South of Bali for 2 days to visit a dentist and stock up on greens and non-flouride toothpaste…Island life 🙂

Apnea Bali
Signature wall mural @ Apnea Bali, Tulamben



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