Bali Return

2 March 2018  Yesterday we arrived back into Bali, it’s been a 15 Month window of continuous adventures since we left.  Coming back to what feels more home than any of the places I have visited in the last 15 months but with new perspective.

Letting our tastebuds catch up with our favorite meal at Galanga, in a sweet tropical garden where we sit on the ground of a small bamboo raised pagoda.  We had Asian Noodle salad with Tempe and a Vegetarian burger with Sweet potato fries, the food is super exotic and tasty, it’s not just a veggie burger, it’s a veggie/tempe explode in your mouth with awesomeness burger. I missed the Tempe the most being away, so all my meals for the first few days are going to be based around this delicious fermented soy bean crispy delight.  Sounds not so appetizing? Try that burger and come back to me on that.

It’s amazing how your brain brings your body back to the same sensations when you bring yourself back to same places and experiences.  Driving to Apnea Bali in Tulamben, the rice paddies, the market stalls in the big intersection leading out of Amed.  Then the 10-20 minute commute from Amed to Tulamben, the green hills, the ocean to the right of us.  The huge and mighty Mt. Agung Volcano which was threatening to explode months before our arrival, clouds above it looking questionable.  Then in the water in Tulamben, it’s as though my mind and body remembers all the relaxed calm sensations I felt here and although we only arrived yesterday I had extremely calm and pleasant sensation dives only.  Making two warms ups over 2 minutes and then 3 consecutive dives to 40 Meters.  Bali water is warm and welcoming.  The Apnea Bali Depth Competition stars 29 March 2018 and runs for just 3 days.  There are a limited number of competitors, keeping things small, but there are some big names already.  One diver is Davide Carrera the Italian Champion has dived to 114 M in Constant Weight.  I felt very safe today having him as my safety 🙂   There are good vibes all around and we are super stoked to be back in the beautiful Bali waters 🙂

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