FreeDiving the Cenotes of Mexico

Crystalline and Escondido                                                                 Buy one, get one free!  Crystalline is like a round pond, you may find 7 – 8 Meters perhaps.  So it’s not very deep.  There is an overhang and a cavern network so you wil find scuba divers here and you can venture into the cave a bit on one breath.  But it gets blacker the deeper you go.  Crystalline has a fun jumping platform, and beautiful shaded garden surrounding.  It’s great for hanging out, swimming, taking some bubbly photos….and the best thing is that the cenote just across the road is included in the visit price._IK20234

Escondido is a great cenote for dynamic training and for having a heap of fun enjoying swim throughs and taking photos, you can even get a little deep into the mangroves here and get some unique backdrop for your shotsDCIM101GOPROGOPR1343.JPG

One of my favorites Cenotes is Casa Cenote.   Casa to me is like a magical mystical faerie waterworld, where from below you can see clearly above the mangrove roots and trees.  Where sunlight pierces through the branches to kiss the white sand and pure crystal clear water.  The entrance to the cenote is just across a gravel road from the beach.  There’s an awesome little donning station on the rocks to don your scuba or freediving gear…Great for Open water and DSD Students.  Whether exploring the Cenote on one breath or taking your OW students here is a great simulation of an OW dive.  There is slight current running from Sea side towards the rest of the Cenote.  So swimming against the tide and then cruising back with it to the Exit/Entrance is great.   On entering the Cenote there is a shallow pond/pool like section which you can practice skills.  Then a swim around 30-40 Meters until you turn to the right.  A beautiful mangrove tunnel like swim leads to a new enchanted solo little croc inhabited area.  Look up where ever you are in this Cenote the View is spectacular.DCIM101GOPROGOPR0792.JPG

Car Wash Cenote makes a great backdrop for underwater photos with the long stemmed lilies creating a subtle classiness to the cool blue water.  It’s a shallow cenote, around 5 meters max in depth.  However you can explore deeper into the overhangs leading to the cavernous system which scuba divers and tech divers frequently venture into.


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