Freediving Courses and Yoga Classes


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

Albert Einstein

Freediving – Yoga – Travel

“Freediving is a tool to better understand ourselves”  – Natalia Molchanova

Join us for Yoga classes and Freediving Courses in North East Bali, become an Apnea Total or Molchanovs Qualified Freediver with Instructors Marc Anop and Natalie Rudman
For 2 Day Beginner Freediving Course – Depth up to 20M      Price US$240
3 Day Advance Freediving Course – Depth up to 40M Price US$340


Love to Travel? Join us In Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean! This is one of our most favorite places on earth!

A short but fast Video of some training done leading up to the Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition in Roatan in August 2017, then the first dive of the competition which was a new national Record in FIM for South Africa to 58 meters

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Natalie Rudman Press: Submerge Diving Magazine SA, Dec 2017

Ballito Home and Lifestyle Magazine Dec/Jan 2018


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On 31 March 2018 I Made the dive to 64 Meters and broke the South African’s woman’s record which had been held by Hanli Prinsloo for the last 8 years!   This competition was quite challenging for me.  I had only returned to Bali a month before to train, and I was still not adapted … Continue reading I Made It!

Bali Return

2 March 2018  Yesterday we arrived back into Bali, it’s been a 15 Month window of continuous adventures since we left.  Coming back to what feels more home than any of the places I have visited in the last 15 months but with new perspective. Letting our tastebuds catch up with our favorite meal at … Continue reading Bali Return

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