Pranayama - Trance Induced by stopping all breathing ~ Bhagavad Gita

Glide into the depths of your being

Freediving and Yoga

Freediving ~ The art and practice of holding your breath and submersing yourself in water.   Generations upon generations have been practicing freediving,  the Ama women in Japan, the Bajau people of the Philippines.  They adapted their bodies to withstand long breatholds and diving sessions hunting for fish to feed their families and to make a living.  Dolphins need to  breath every 8 minutes, just like these fun loving marine mammals we too can withstand breatholds, we hold in us too the reflex.  Here during the course you will learn about the physiology of diving and why we are meant to be apart of the water!  We will practice safely and progress slowly but steadily.   Whether you are coming to learn or train or for advanced coaching, know you are in good hands with Record Holder Diver Natalie Rudman and World Class Safety diver Marc Anop! 

Yoga ~ is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind, as we allow thoughts to dissipate we become more present and still.  The physical practice of yoga helps us to restore energy and balance to the nervous system.  It keeps the physical body strong while helping to maintain a calm presence and peace of mind. 

Yoga and Freediving compliment each other, we offer Yoga that is specifically aimed towards freediving and to becoming more aware of hidden tensions within the body and mind which hold us back from exploring greater depths within ourselves and within the water.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

Albert Einstein

Sailing – Freediving – Yoga

“Freediving is a tool to better understand ourselves”  – Natalia Molchanova

Come aboard our new Venture Boat SV Nomad.  Jump in the waters anytime in the beautiful Pristine waters of the Caribbean!

For 2 Day Beginner Freediving Course – Depth up to 20M      Price US$220

3 Day Advance Freediving Course – Depth up to 40M Price US$330

Accommodation on SV Nomad during your 2 or 3 day Course – $50 USD per Night with Vegetarian Meals all Inclusive


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