Welcome to Come One Yoga,  where Asana is a practice to open the body, and Yoga is a practice that opens the mind.
Yoga, like meditation is a state of Being
Come and join me in being in Bali for a sensational Retreat in Yin, Meditation and Mental preparations to freedive, where you can start to explore your curiosity of the water. It’s not about depth, it’s about sensation, but as you find deeper relaxation you will be able to dive deeper, into the ocean and into yourself.
Bali Retreat 11 to 17 April 2018

Cruise on a Yacht from Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia,  limited space available
Retreat dates 28 July to 04 August 2018

Love to Travel? Check out the fun video we made while visiting and freediving in the Beautiful Caribbean Island Dominica, just south of Martinique, in October 2017  Dominica was hit badly by Hurricane Maria and is still in need of relief.


A short but fast Video of some training done leading up to the Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition in Roatan in August 2017, then the first dive of the competition which was a new national Record in FIM for South Africa to 58 meters


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Press: Submerge Diving Magazine SA, Dec 2017


Ballito Home and Lifestyle Magazine Dec/Jan 2018

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The Moment that you can feel your heart beating, you begin to let go of logic and move into just feeling.  You feel how close you are to nothingness and to everything when it slows and you begin to merge with your surroundings.  Then you find peace, then you find true stillness.  The pulsating of … Continue reading Freediving

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